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Manzanita Perches

Manzanita perches are ideal for many types of animals. Harvested out of Oregon manzanita wood is strong enough to support heavy birds and reptiles, and larger branches could even support the weight of a python.

Manzanita perches work great inside of cages. Their gnarled shape and toughness makes them an ideal climbing surface for any animal. For reptiles used to an arboreal environment, the branched and forked segments can make for an excellent imitation of a tree environment.

The tough wood not only makes Manzanita excellent for climbing, but it can easily withstand the heat of overhead heating lamps. It makes an excellent place for reptiles to sun themselves, or to hide in its shade.

Because Manzanita do not usually grow very tall, these intricate branched and forking pieces of wood can fit easily inside of a cage. Manzanita wood can be found in almost any shape and size.




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