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Manzanita Perches

The perches here are made of sand-blasted Mountain Manzanita. Each perch is unique.

manzanita perches Acrylic Washers

Washers that can be ordered in many different colors for your perches

manzanita perches straight
Straight Style

This type of straight perch can attach to both sides of a small cage or just a single side of a large one. Comes with acrylic washer.

manzanita perches forked
Forked Style

This is a dual forked perch that attaches to one side of the cage. Comes with acrylic washer.

manzanita perches lrg fork
Large Forked Style

A larger version of the dual forked perch for larger cages. Comes with acrylic washer.


manzanita perches triple fork
Triple Fork Style

A triple forked style perch with branches leading off in 3 different ways. Comes with an acrylic washer.

manzanita perches single fork
Single Forked Style

A single forking perch that bends in one direction. Comes with an acrylic washer


Custom order your manzanita perch for your cage today!

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