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Manzanita Perches

The perches here are made of sand-blasted Mountain Manzanita. Each perch is unique.

manzanita perches
Acrylic Washers We Use Acrylic Washers to mount our manzanita perches. Washers may be ordered in many different varieties of color.

Straight Style This type of straight perch can attach to the inside of a cage. They come in curved variaties as well.

Forked Style These forked perches attach in the same way as the straight style

Bushy Branch

From 12 inches to 18 inches in height

These large, bushy structures can be hung or placed inside of a cage to give birds or other aimals something to climb on. They come in many sizes to fit into any cage.

Bushy Branch

From 18 inches to 24 inches in height

These pieces can be cut at any of the forks, to better fit into narrow cages. We will craft the perch to your needs.

Bushy Branch

From 32 to 36 inches in height

These may also be used to fill aviaries if you have one or for your large reptile cages.

Bushy Branch

From 42 to 48 inches in height.

May be ordered in a deep red color or the blondish white color wood.

Bushy Branch

The largest pearch we offer: 72 inches tall

Custom order your manzanita perch for your cage today!

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